Why LMG?

Video, music, audio, and conceptual  creative communication in one cohesive solution delivered as a customized package. Watch the video and we will see you in the conference room with coffee. Or whiskey. 

LMG Video Production

"LMG is a full service video creation company. From initial concept through to final delivery we pride ourselves on being low maintenance and enthusiastic. We love practical creativity and producing content on time, on budget, and to our client's immense satisfaction."

LMG Services

"LMG specialises in conference and event content creation and filming, training video filming and editing, and internal and external marketing/social media video content. From concept through scripting, filming and editing we can be involved from the start or step in at any stage. We have teams in every capital city in Australia and can work anywhere in the Asia Pacific region." Our CEO Wazza on using Video for Training People

LMG Jingle

Jingles are up to 400 times more memorable than spoken word communication and actually get more valuable the longer you have them songs that you remember your whole life. Maintaining brand consistency across Tv, Radio, and social, a jingle becomes a living audible logo

Totally Workwear

Aussie Pet Mobile

Vasectomy Venue

Jock's Paints

Say Hello to your Chempro

Hydro Dog (winner of the 2003 World's Best Jingle Award)