LMG Creative

Video, music, audio, and conceptual creative communication in one cohesive solution delivered as a customised package. Watch the video and we will see you in the conference room with coffee. Or whiskey.

Film & Video

LMG is a full service video creation company. From initial concept through to final delivery we pride ourselves on being low maintenance and enthusiastic. We love practical creativity and producing content on time, on budget, and to our client’s immense satisfaction.

Client: G8 Education - Conference

Brief: To capture ambience, engagement and content of the 3 day conference and produce daily highlight videos and end of conference sizzle.

Client: Decodable Readers

Brief: To produce a series of videos as part of online visual learning for school aged children. Production included green screen filming, graphic animation and editing.

Client: Varsity Lakes Community Ltd

Brief: Film and edit a sizzle reel for website and social media that showcases the event and the sponsors. It also served as part of the post event reporting for the organisers.

LMG Jingles

Jingles are up to 400 times more memorable than the spoken word. In fact, the most iconic and successful brands all use jingles. McDonalds, Harvey Norman, Weetbix, Woolworths just to name a few. Your jingle becomes the audio version of your logo and it actually gets more valuable the longer you have it.

Glass is a purchase driven by necessity rather than desire, a grudge purchase. It’s not known for its extensive list of features and doesn’t require much explanation. However, ASAP Glass stands out from the crowd.

They offer a 24-hour glass replacement service and guarantee to reach the customer within just 30 minutes. The goal is simple: when your glass breaks, ASAP Glass is the first name that comes to mind. The jingle needs to be catchy and effectively convey this message.

Our principle is to avoid stating the obvious. When you mention that you’re a chemist, people already understand what that means, so there’s no need to explain it in the lyrics. Instead, focus on highlighting your unique selling point, which in this case is price matching, and subtly suggest that Chempro is a destination for improving health, not just addressing issues.

The hook of a jingle is undeniably crucial, capturing the attention within the first 3-5 seconds and leaving a lasting impression. It serves as the chorus, the part that resonates and sticks with people. In this particular case, we aim to generate pester power.

The hook of this jingle is designed to be incredibly kid-friendly, encouraging little ones to sing along in the car and express their desire to go to Kool Kids daycare. Simultaneously, it conveys the straightforward message that Kool Kids are happy kids.